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Reflect the year 2005

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, December 31, 2005 11:41 PM

Now time 6PM of 2005. In a few hours time, 2005 will be a history; we will enter the year 2006.

Thinking backs the ups and down, happiness and sadness in year 2005, it did give me a lot of memory. I should said, year 2005 is my turning point, I changed a lot, really a lot. From a guy who normally goes to school, listen to the teacher’s lesson, when school ends, he went back home, to a guy, who take up “English rap” in class, other people might “English rap only…” but to me, it is a great gift. I never have any position in class before. This, given me a chance, to change myself.

But that also changed how people think about me, they call me teacher dog, all sort of nicks they give me. I don’t have many friends; I have no one to talk to. In 13 April 2005, I wrote in my personal dairy “Should I give up? Why others don’t understand me. Should I end it now?” I was really down at that time. But I told myself, it is a gift, I shouldn’t give up. The teachers and other people might be disappointed; I must treasure this gift till the end.

In the end, I make it. Probable it is the greatest thing I achieved in my life. If JC didn’t give me the chance, I might never know I can do it. I might still be a person who gives up easily. Thanks, JC.

Beside that, two things that happened this year induced great emotional attack to me. One is my pass on of my grandmother. I know, “Born, Age, Sick, Die” is the human cycle. But I regret that I didn’t spend more time with my grandmother. I miss her, the moment she was pushed for cremate, I really wish things can be change; the time can turn back, so I can spend more time with her. But that will never happen.

Another thing that has a great emotional attack to me is the danger of me getting blind at age 18. Till now, I am still afraid that I will really go blind at age 18. I never show my feeling in real world, except my blog and my personal diary. What happen if I really go blind at age 18? Will I be happier than now? Will I miss the colour of the world? Age 18 is coming nearer, my next appointment is coming soon, and how everything is going, I don’t know. I really don’t know, maybe is just my luck…

I might look strong, but I am not strong in my own world. The Blog and the personal dairy spend my time together of my hardship and sweetness. Since life is unpredictable, if one day something happen to me that I will be leaving, ask my family member to look for my personal dairy. It included only truth, and my own feeling. Cockroach here have not much friends in real world, but I wish one day I do have a bunch of friends, chat together, play together, have fun together. And those friends I want are truth friends.

Seem like I make my last post of the year a sad post eh? Now time 11.45pm. Left 15 more minutes to the year 2006, 2006, a being of a new life, challenge and journey. Best wish everyone, Happy New Year. Hope in the New Year, your will have a good life, happy and no worries. Once again, Happy New Year.

Time-Table for 2006

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at 4:08 AM

I don’t know how to express myself, I just simply don’t like my new time-table.

Click to have a larger view of my time table.

Basically, my school hour is longer, more lessons to attend. The school had changed my English, POA, SS and PE teachers. I don’t want to change English and POA teacher!!! I change teacher, I need time to adapt (I just learn this word …) the new environment. Oh please, I beg the school, can don’t change this two teachers?!?!

Conversation with Sam:
Sam: Why your have long school hours? Mine starts at 7:30am, ends at 1:30pm. I thought your school ends at 1:15pm.
Cockroach: That’s History. Remember I told you the school extends the ending time from 1:15pm to 1:45, and then shorten it to 1:35pm.
Sam: Oh yea, and that time you nag and nag and nag non-stop.
Cockroach: And now they happily add another 30 minutes.
Sam: Ha! Ha! Ha! And in year 2007, they add another 30 minutes. I wonder how your school teacher survival.
Cockroach: Touchwood! What how my school teacher survival? They still have to teach, teaching is their job, and we got pay money!!!
Sam: You got pay money your head, your only pay $10 to $18; the rest is pay by the government.
Cockroach: Yea, yea, yea, you clever, Mr. Sam. I hope next year your student not easy to teach, they create trouble for you.
Sam: Touchwood! My student always very good…Eh… you nothing to ask me?
Cockroach: Ask you what?
Sam: The meaning of Pastoral Care.
Cockroach: I asked Lizard this question. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Sam: … eh... Your school quite cute, your do have “Class Family Time”. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Cockroach: You said before, Class must act as a family, must understand each other, forgive each other, blah, blah, blah, so my school came out with this “Class Family Time”.
Sam: …

Anyway, I don’t think much people notice the time had extended to 2:05pm. Normally student will just grab the timetable, print it and leave it on the table. I told 10 people that the time had extended to 2:05pm, and out of the 10, all didn’t knew until I told them about it. See, Cockroach is a good boy.

And I think there is some mistake in the timetable. My CCA would never end at 5pm. They usually ends at 6.30pm, since performance is going to show up, I don’t think my CCA is going to be only Tuesday and Friday; there will be more. Plus, since when I went home early even not during CCA day? We do have extra lesson, this and that. Actually, I spend more time at school than home (awaken time). Maybe, properly 80% of my awaken time spend in school, meaning I don’t have time for my family. Is this what our Singapore Education wanted? No wonder so many people skip their CCA.

Okay, enough of my complaining. Let’s hope that the person who make this time table make a mistake on our school hours, make a mistake on the teachers who will going to teach us, mistake here and there to make my timetable perfect.

Anyway, since school is about to reopen, Cockroach actually excited!!! In fact, Cockroach already stat packing his bag; this is the sprit of Singaporean, a kiasu Singaporeans! Come on, I waited for this day until I have some grey hair on my head! And also, I find out that, some of my dear classmates haven’t brought their books yet. And our bookshop will not open until school reopen. Let’s pray for them. (Eh…actually first day of school if student never bring books, teachers won’t get angry right?)

Wish you Happy New Year!

Singapore Emergency Exercise

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Friday, December 30, 2005 4:03 AM

This news is making me so excited. I first heard this news from the T.V, but I don’t get it so I went online and check what the hell it is. Here is the news report in Channel NewsAsia, read it by clicking here.

Whooh! I am so excited on this exercise, you tell me who will get the chance to walk in the tunnel, saw blackout in MRT. People like me sure want to see this rare scene.

But, lets image, what happen if on one of the day there is a REAL attack, people will thought that it is an exercise, and worst still, taking exclusive photos for our blog and try to get tomorrow-ed.

I, personal think that the MRT tunnel will be a romantic place. Why? Reason being that tunnel is quite a dark place (Not for North-East Line), perfect place for people who like to hug and kiss at public places.

Not forgetting our Singapore Uncles (Not all) who like to spit everywhere they go. Image they spit in the tunnel, on the railway, what happen if the MRT cannot move because of their sticky plus disgusting phlegm stick on the MRT’s wheel?

Eh…this won’t happen, let’s believe in our MRT system. And I don’t think our Singapore Uncles phlegm is so sticky until it will stick onto the MRT.

And on that day, people will have a great excuse for work, girlfriend and etc…

Scenarios 1 (Actually goes and has breakfast with girlfriend):
Boss: Why you are late again? Now what time? 12PM liao leh! You don’t want to work is it?
Staff 4444: Boss, today got Emergence Exercise, my car spoil so I take MRT. Kena so unlucky the MRT stop the service because of this. I wait the shuttle bus wait until I want to sleep. So today I late because of the stupid Emergence Exercise, you cannot blame me.
Boss: you always got 101 excuses, YOU ARE FIRED!
Staff 4444: Boss, you cannot fire me. If you fire me I can go to Manpower there and complain you.
Boss: …

Scenario 2 (Actually went shopping with girlfriend 2):
Girlfriend 1: Dear, why you are late again?
Boyfriend: The emergency exercise lorh. I got stuck inside the tunnel, have to walk out. !@#$%^&*
Girlfriend 1: Ai yo, so poor thing. Then you got take money back from the MRT or not?
Boyfriend: No…can take back meh?
Girlfriend 1: Can…come; give me your Ez-link card. I help you to claim.
Boyfriend: Eh…no need to claim, just a few cents only.
Girlfriend 1: Need to claim, can save up for our wedding money.
Boyfriend, eh…no need to claim, no need to claim. Actually I lied to you. I went shopping with my other girlfriend. None of the MRT business…Opps!
Girlfriend 1: What?!?!! *Give the boyfriend 2 tight slaps, one hard kick and run away*

Anyway, in the News 5 tonight on Tuesday, they said that they will put up notices about the Emergency Exercise in MRT stations and etc. Here is how the poster looks like:

Not much people notice the poster, in fact, Staff had put up the poster at a place where nobody will going to read it, The Notice Board. Some station putted along the underground walkway where people busy walking to the station. Here is my conversation in train on Wednesday with someone:

Cockroach: You know yesterday the news said there will be an Emergency Exercise?
123: Today har? Ai yo, if like that I don’t want to go out liao, Very troublesome one leh.
Cockroach: eh… Not today. Today they just put up notice to inform your. It is the first 2 weekend of next month.
123: never give date?
Cockroach: The emergency exercise is to surprise everyone and see how fast everybody reacts. Give you’re the day will have no fun.
123: Fun your head, very troublesome one. You think its fun you go and wait during the four days lorh.
Cockroach: I wish to, but I afraid if I wait at City Hall, it happen in Raffle Place. When my train comes out from the tunnel, the tunnel got attacked. If I wait at Tampines Bus Interchange, it happens at Jurong Bus Interchange.
123: …

Okay, enough of my nonsense. I bet that out of 10 Singaporeans, only about 5 know about this Singapore Emergency Exercise. So if you don’t know, now you know. Remember to stay clam, follow instruction given, don’t busy taking photos and don’t forget to help the handicapped, children and the aged. That’s it! If you are one of the “victims” in this emergency exercise, don’t forget to tell us your experience. :p

Blog tomorrow, but here a photo for you

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Thursday, December 29, 2005 3:19 AM

I will blog tomorrow with some drawing and etc. They are all done halfway and will try to get it doe by afternoon.

Anyway, here is a photo I taken today at a toy shop:

Singapore government trying very hard to teach kids to gamble, so when Casino open, the money will auto go into the Casino and the Government earn big money!

This is for aged 5+

Remember to come back soon for the post I am doing halfway. ;) People who have my E-mail in your MSN contract, you can see my display picture for some hint.


posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Tuesday, December 27, 2005 5:08 AM

Today someone comes to our house to help Cockroach do facial. Eh…yeah, nothing with your eyes, Cockroach today does facial. I don’t wish to call her auntie because she just got married not even one month, she don’t have child and she look beautiful. So, let’s call her “beauty”.

Beauty: Hey! You want to do facial? I just do it for my Hubby. You want?
Cockroach: Eh…where got guys do facial? Your hubby got do facial?!?! No wonder he so handsome….
Beauty: You want or not? Free of charge.
Cockroach: But I scare pain…
Beauty: Where got people do facial got pain? Very comfortable, not pain at all
Cockroach: But I never heard guys do facial before. Latter other people laugh at me.
Beauty: That won’t happen, my dear. Nobody will be laughing at you…

So, beauty went into my house and start doing facial for me. First, she uses something to apply on my face and wash it. Beauty says it helps to clean the face.

Beauty: Comfortable?
Cockroach: I didn’t feel anything. I only feel you hand moving round and round on my face.

Next, she applies something call “Exfoliating Gel”. Beauty says that it will remove “dead skin”

Cockroach: Remove skin?!?! Don’t want!!! I scare pain! Latter my face no skin!!!
Beauty: This won’t cause any pain. It gently removes aged, not pain at all.

In the end, Beauty had to force me to lie on the bed while she applies this thing call “Exfoliating Gel”. In the end, there are a lot of lumpy things coming out.

Cockroach: E…..what’s that?
Beauty: That’s your aged skin; it is not good for your skin if you leave it there. So we have to remove it. After remove it, your skin will become smoother. Not pain at all right? It won’t take off your whole skin…
Cockroach: I don’t feel anything, but the pain of my arms because of you forcing me lying on the bed…

Next, my favorite part, Ghost mask! Eh…the correct term for it is Facial mask, but in Cockroach term, it is call Ghost mask. After she put the mask on my face, she went back home to take a phone call.

Beauty: You lie down here, don’t move, Okay? I come back soon.
Cockroach: You are coming back right?
Beauty: Yea, I am coming back, you don’t move, just lie down.

And there goes the Beauty. You know, guys are a strange creature in the world. When you asked them not to move, they move. When you ask them to lie down, this dear Cockroach does sit up, jumping-jack and not forgetting taking photos for my blog!

Cockroach with Ghost mask; this will be perfect for the next Halloween Party.

That’s me!!! Is me!!! Taken in year 2004, compared with my face cover with “Ghost Mask” I think I should cover my face forever.
Beauty comes back while I am doing jumping-jack…

Beauty: What are you doing?!?! Doing Jumping-jack with the facial mask on your face?!?!
Cockroach: Cannot? Oh…just now I did sit-up also.
Beauty: Wah….you…where got people do such things with facial mask on their face. They lie down, taking a short nap or whatever, and you are not to talk so much, if not the mask didn’t really stick to your face.
Cockroach: Ok, ok, don’t angry. I now go and lie down.

And at this point of time: the mask dropped onto the floor.

Beauty: You see, you see. Now the mask dropped on the floor. I know now teenagers want to get muscular, six packs and etc. But you must use your logic, where got people do workouts with facial mask on the face? My hubby got muscular in his NS, so you don’t have to be so hurry…
Cockroach: You hubby all the way. I know you love your hubby, your hubby very handsome, got six packs. But you must be careful, here got a lot of girls haven’t marry yet. And plus your hubby fly all over the world, you never know at Holland she got another wife there. He every time went out with those sexy clothes, Guys sees it will jealous, girls see it will crazy. Be careful… the mask trying to said that can move on to the next step, so it dropped onto the floor
Beauty: You jealous? Ha! Ha! Ha! Then you faster lie down and continue, and then you can be handsome also.

Next, Beauty applies a yellow solution call “Refining Serum” It hurts me a lot! Because my face got some skin comes off. So it hurts my face. Anyway, Beauty says that it will help my face go smoother and my skin will grow back faster.

Next, last by not least, a “Night Cream”. They call it “Night Cream” because it applies at night. There is a “Day Cream” with different function which applies during the day. Ha! What’s the different?!?! I like the smell of the Night Cream, it smell so~~~ no words can be descript it.

So it’s end of my torture! Finally, I learnt quite a number of skins caring (which I don’t care at all). Cockroach skin getting smoother, better after the whole session; it’s like the whole thing is like magic water and magic cream. So Cockroach asked “How much this whole set cost?” And Beauty replied: “Very cheap, $300+ only.”

Eh…I think only girls know how to spend that kind of money. I, only can see, cannot buy.

Christmas Special Post…

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Sunday, December 25, 2005 11:02 PM

Hello! How is everyone Christmas doing? Went shopping? Go to Christmas party? Eh…Cockroach still at home baking a rectangle pizza, typing my notes and sometimes read books that I had borrowed from the library few days ago.

Rectangle Pizza I baked this afternoon.

Anyway, I am very honored to get into a Photoshop contest whereby Cockroach (me), GeckoZ and Pigirl will using different photos, using ONLY Photoshop and make it into a NEW wonderful pictures with the theme “Christmas”. Quite fun actually, both Pigirl and GeckoZ taught me a lot of things in Photoshop.

Hey, come on, I only know how to use Photoshop and type words and etc to the picture and nothing else. And now, at least I know how to cut pictures, use some effect, its pretty fun. The following is our work, and we are not allowed to say which ones are ours. Why not you guess which one is mine, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite, if possible, please tell us the reason why and you may give us opinions.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3
Thanks everyone for the support! Merry Christmas!


posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, December 24, 2005 11:07 PM

Merry Christmas to everyone! Yea, I am not cerebrating Christmas this year. Eh…since when I got the chance to cerebrate? I don’t cerebrate Christmas, not I don’t want to but is I am a lonely person in the real world. Anyway, everyone I know will get an Oreal Cookie from me when you next time see me (provided my pocket got money).

Anyway, what will you think when it comes to Christmas? Santa? Turkey? Or…Snowman! I bet you have seen a snowman before at least on T.V or in the internet right? But have you ever seen a snowcockroach before? Here is a snowcockroach done by GeckoZ by using a website.

Cute or not? Click here to make your own snowman! (Since Singapore don’t have snow…)

I would like to wish everyone again:

I kena tomorrow-ed!

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at 2:18 AM

Yes, I kena tomorrow-ed. I got this news from GeckoZ who told me this on MSN.

GeckoZ: Wah!
Cockroach: ?
GeckoZ: Your post kena tomorrow-ed leh.
Cockroach: Really or not?
GeckoZ: yea, at the top some more.

I went and check it out, and start thinking, “If GeckoZ bluffs me and makes me happy for nothing I will make sure I create a post about how to catch Lizard since he created a post on “How to catch Cockroach” a day before.”

Went to and really saw my disgusting name there with a quote of my post. I was like, “Am I dreaming? I-real-ly-got-to-mor-row-ed. (I really got tomorrow-ed) the editors understand my English?!”

It’s a surprise because I used wanted to get my post into since I found, but in the end I gave up this dream since write and write, wait and wait, I don’t get tomorrow-ed. But I got a numbers of readers. So I said, “Why not, just write whatever I want and forgets about getting tomorrow-ed.” Ha! Ha! And there, I go and wrote about some conversation dialog and etc. I still trying some blogging writing style to see which one I like the most. Anyway, after getting tomorrow-ed, Friday readers jump from everyday average of 10 to 50 readers to yesterday over 500 readers came to this blog. Thank you, the power of tomorrow is really very, powerful.

Eh… remember I wrote a post for GeckoZ when he first got tomorrow-ed? Forgot? Never mind, here is the post from here:

[translated from Chinese]
Chinese teacher: “Class, to improve your Chinese standard and now blog is so famous, I want all of you to go to Lizard’s blog.
*write on whiteboard:*

Class: Huh? Lizard cans blog one har? I thought Lizard is an animal…

Chinese teacher: Just go to that blog and find out yourself. I am sure your like that blog very much, it include a translator, just in case your don’t have Chinese basic.

Class: oh…

After the school bell rang, the whole class rush home, no going out with friends until they find out what the hack Lizard blog is. Why Lizard can blog….

In a girl home…
Girl 1: Ahhhh!!!!
*Quickly close lizard’s blog because there is one big Lizard each at both sides…*

In other girl home…
Girl 2: Wah…that Lizard so handsome, don’t know pretty girl like me take lift with him, he will talk to me or not. Will he ask which floor I am going or not…Wah…so handsome, want his number now.
*from that on, that girl Chinese improve, because everyday read Lizard’s Blog. Because Lizard is handsome mah…want to get number must read blog first*

In a boy home…
Boy: Wah…that Lizard still knows how to talk about pretty girls sia…don’t know got tips to give me or not…I want to date the girl next class leh.

*from that on, that boy improve his Chinese because of reading Lizard’s blog. Why read Lizard’s blog? Because want to get tips of getting pretty girls on hand.*

So if people in Singapore read Lizard’s blog, there will be 3 results. One is quickly close that window because scare of Lizard, or maybe even faint. Or maybe read his blog and improve the Chinese, know this handsome guy, or want to get to know how to get pretty girls. Ha! Ha!

Hope Lizard doesn’t sue me because of this blog post…

Lift Idea generated from his Chinese tag-board & this post

That will never ever happen to me because…Cockroach not handsome, Cockroach don’t know how to talk about pretty girls. Worst, Cockroach is the most disgusting animal in the world. Plus, no teachers will not promote this blog because this blog using bad English and Chinese. Ha! Ha! Ha! I think if anyone found this blog, they first will use insecticide to spray at Cockroach. (Please don’t use insecticide and kill me, I am good Cockroach…)

Cockroach had selected some post in Bilingual Fingers for people who come back after reading the tomorrow-ed post so your can read some good post (which I think) I had wrote. (I know most people won’t come back…)

Singapore Aunties! 《新加坡阿嫂!》- This post is written base on real life accident.

NS in Singapore – the post is written because of many people complains about NS in Singapore.

Crazy Cockroach Ideas – A crazy idea by me to stop student forgetting about their homework.

... Got molested – Real life accident on me getting molested.

Not-That-Pervetic-Post – A very RA post talking about…. Readers under 18 years old are advice not to read it (even though the writer is under 18…)

说一说飞机。。。- A Chinese post that talk about the future experience of taking airplanes.

I think that’s it. Do come here as frequently as possible. You may even want to sign up Bilingual Fingers MSN Alert by clicking the button below. After signing up, you will get alert in MSN Messenger, Hotmail and etc whenever Bilingual Fingers got new post. Cool hor?

MSN Alerts

Eh…last thing, can anyone teach me how to pronounce “kena” so that I can I know how to said “I kena tomorrow-ed.” I try to find the pronunciation online but cannot find. So anyone know how to pronounce?

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at 1:46 AM

Congratulations to Geckoz (Lizard, 壁虎) got kena tomorrow-ed! Time flies, didn’t realize that I had visiting your blog for so long. Now even chat with you in MSN, and introduce you Now you kena tomorrow-ed, going to famous in one day, and maybe one day will bring Chinese blog fever. Image…

[translated from Chinese]
Chinese teacher: “Class, to improve your Chinese standard and now blog is so famous, I want all of you to go to Lizard’s blog.
*write on whiteboard:*

Class: Huh? Lizard cans blog one har? I thought Lizard is an animal…

Chinese teacher: Just go to that blog and find out yourself. I am sure your like that blog very much, it include a translator, just in case your don’t have Chinese basic.

Class: oh…

After the school bell rang, the whole class rush home, no going out with friends until they find out what the hack Lizard blog is. Why Lizard can blog….

In a girl home…
Girl 1: Ahhhh!!!!
*Quickly close lizard’s blog because there is one big Lizard each at both sides…*

In other girl home…
Girl 2: Wah…that Lizard so handsome, don’t know pretty girl like me take lift with him, he will talk to me or not. Will he ask which floor I am going or not…Wah…so handsome, want his number now.
*from that on, that girl Chinese improve, because everyday read Lizard’s Blog. Because Lizard is handsome mah…want to get number must read blog first*

In a boy home…
Boy: Wah…that Lizard still knows how to talk about pretty girls sia…don’t know got tips to give me or not…I want to date the girl next class leh.

*from that on, that boy improve his Chinese because of reading Lizard’s blog. Why read Lizard’s blog? Because want to get tips of getting pretty girls on hand.*

So if people in Singapore read Lizard’s blog, there will be 3 results. One is quickly close that window because scare of Lizard, or maybe even faint. Or maybe read his blog and improve the Chinese, know this handsome guy, or want to get to know how to get pretty girls. Ha! Ha!

Hope Lizard doesn’t sue me because of this blog post…

Lift Idea generated from his Chinese tag-board & this post

Little Star

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Friday, December 23, 2005 3:36 AM

Bilingual Fingers//双语手指
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Above 3 pictures says thousands words. I embarrass myself on the phone when I call Pizza Hun Home delivery. Little Star is their harsh brown come with the shape of the star. “Little Star” cute; it shows how creativity people are to grab the customer heart, soul and stomach. (心,灵,胃) 。 : )

Pizza Hut
Little Star

One Day Trip In Singapore! 新加坡一日游!

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Wednesday, December 21, 2005 4:57 AM

Photos are clickable for lager views.
Click here, there are more photos and drawings can be found at Flickr photo set.

Cockroach had been busy since the holidays starts, so yesterday [20 December 2005] Cockroach gave himself one day off! So what Cockroach does during this one day? Well, Cockroach visited Singapore and has a One Day Trip In Singapore!

During this One Day Trip In Singapore, Cockroach saw a lot of stuff, see how really uniquely Singapore really is. Seriously, Singapore is really unique, especially how Singapore took MRT, it really surprise me.

It is early morning when Cockroach took MRT from Tampines to ICA building to renew passport. Here is what happens:

So what I had learned from taking MRT: Singaporeans have no basic courtesy. I thought schools have this thing call “Moral of Education”. Don’t tell me they teach the student that to rush into the train and not letting the passenger to alight first.

Anyway, there is other interesting thing happen in the train. There is a guy and a girl enters the train. Just right in front of an underage Cockroach (who is me), the guy kiss the girl’s head and mouth, and girl kiss the guy’s mouth and chest. Kiss here and kiss there, hug here hug there. Cockroach sees until move to other side. Can’t stand this free RA shows in front of me. I thought Singaporeans not very open minded as western people. But today what happen in MRT, I seen a different point of view.

First place to go in the morning: ICA Building

In the ICA building, Cockroach saw something which Singaporeans love and hate the most, cut queue. Eh…correct English is jump queue, not cut queue, maybe this is Singlish. Why love? Because some Singaporeans just can’t wait to be their turn so they jump the queue, but when other people jump their queue, they will not happy about it. Here is what happens:

!@#$%^&* Do Singapore have this law: “Jumping Queue will get fines up to $100” Since from what I know, Singapore is a FINE CITY!

Afternoon, Bugis:

I don’t know since how many donkey years I had last stepped to Bugis shopping Center, maybe just 4 or 5 years. Nothing much changes there. Just that there is one stall in the food court which sells soup with bread on top of it is now gone. Time flies, time changes things. Anyway, talking about Food Court, there is something happen there. There is this cleaner pushing a used plate trolley accidentally hit an age 30s lady’s leg. Its normal I guess since the space is small, but the lady keeps going “Ahhh….” As if there is a knife go through her stomach. The cleaner try to look at the leg to see how serious it is and keep apologizing but the lady ask the cleaner to move away, don’t touch her. Anyway, one of her family member came and brought her away, Cockroach being a busybody follow her and eavesdrop what she told to her family:

That lady: Cleaners are all low class people!
Boy 1: Next time don’t come to this type of low class food court.

(They says more, but I scare got sued by this “high class people” Cockroach just post part of it. If I continue posting the rest of their conversation, I think you might hate Singaporeans.)

Eh…Do Singapore have this “high class” and “low class” people? Cleaners are also human. How can you say them until like that?!?! Cleaners is also a job, they get pay for it. Just a small hit, cleaners says “Sorry.” You says “its ok, never mind.” That’s it! Why make your own life so miserable? I mean, we do need to respect each others, we never know, that old uncle who is now serving coffee in the coffee shop is one of the millionaire, now serving coffee for just one month to get a better idea of other people out there.

So from this accident, cockroach learnt: Singaporeans don’t respect each other. Some people look down on cleaners and etc. Some people consider the food court in the Bugis shopping center is for low class people. Anyway, the foods there taste great! They are the one who don’t know what nice food really is.

Next, we went to Bedok, it is somewhere in the east of Singapore. While I was there, I manage not to miss out some crazy sales going on:

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Cockroach see that girl shout until no voice, go and support and buy 3 clothes.

Total cost $18, is this consider cheap in Singapore? I guess so…

The T-Shirt is quite nice, it is comfortable if you wear it in places like Singapore as Singapore weather is hot all the day. (Please don't bring winter clothes to Singapore) Anyway, I am quite surprise seeing someone shouting to attract attention, and how Singaporeans look for the clothes. They go like hunting money and throw the clothes everywhere, poor shop staff have to fold it and put it back.

From this shop I learnt: Shouting is a good way of attracting attention, people will tend to go to the shop that is shouting and crowed. Singaporeans find their clothes without thinking that the poor shop staffs have to fold it back nicely. Eh…this is calls Kiasu Singaporeans. Meaning, Singaporeans scare that they can’t get the clothes they want, they have to fight and hunt for it.

Next, we went to Orchard Road to look at the Singapore Christmas lights and have our dinner there. Sam told me that if we want to look at Christmas lights, we have to go to Orchard Road. But I don’t find those lights interesting as compare to other countries; I mean the lights are all the same pattern from the starting point to the ending point, nothing much seriously. I just don’t get the Christmas feeling. Is Singapore Christmas lights always like that, same pattern from the start to the end, or because Singapore not enough money to put on beautiful lights? Eh…shouldn’t be, because I heard Singapore government salary is one of the highest in the world…

There is a bus service in Singapore call hippopotamus bus, or in short, Hipo Bus. It cost…

And it looks like this:

I think it’s for you to look at the boring lights in the Orchard Road which I don’t think is worth it. Spending $23 to take a ride at Hipo Bus, I rather take SBS Bus!

Anyway, we went to this place call “避风塘” (Pi Feng Tang) for our dinner:

First, the service there is good. I was eating carrying my bag on my back, and this waitress came and gave us one chair to put our bags and said: “Want to eat, eat happily, and enjoy your meals.” I was surprise as Sam said that Singapore service isn’t good. I didn’t even bother to ask for a chair to put my bags, yet they give us chair to puts ours things on it so that we can eat properly. Highly recommend this place if you want to have dinner. Especially their Cereals Prawns taste great! But…it’s quite expensive, cost $57.90 for one meal, but I think it’s worth it for once a year.

The Building photo below is call “Singapore Visitor Center” where there is a lot of information can be found there. I do like the words of the building. It looks unique to me.

Nice or not?!?!

That’s the end of my journey of Singapore one day trip! But before I end my trip, how can I end without getting myself a souvenir?

Special Edition Uniquely Singapore Monopoly!
Yah right, it’s a very Uniquely Singapore and Singaporeans. Bye Singapore one day trip! See you next year!!!

Click here to look at 50+ photos and drawings at Flickr photo set.


This post can’t be done without the following people helps:
PigirlHelped in this drawing. Click here to visit her cute Chinese site and her drawing is cute!
KevinSinglish and English consultant.
GeckoZ Singlish, English & Chinese consultant.

Thanks guys! This posts really Kena Tomorrow-ed!


posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at 2:21 AM

I am blogging halfway and I need to sleep. Please check back tomorrow’s night(21 Dec 2005, around 11pm). Shall blog something that might be interesting to you, stay tune! Eh…tomorrow have pictures and drawing, so site might load a bit slower.

Your disgusting animal,

Donate Blood

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Sunday, December 18, 2005 10:47 PM

GeckoZ kena tomorrow-ed again yesterday, and this time round the post that got published in is about donating blood. For the benefit of non-Chinese reader, here is the translated version by cockroach and GeckoZ. Only main parts of the post are translated.

GeckoZ finally went for blood donation for the second time.

Got a free calendar, but isn’t as cute as compared to pigirl’s drawing.
Drank the Milo as well, still small cup like before!
Ah bel lied, where got
Milo one big packet?
Oh yea, still got one free puff,
Taste good, not like cheapskate stuff!

Let’s go straight to the main point.
He saw more people today as compared to the first time.
A bit surprised!
There are male and female, young and old, first timer and some experienced …

These kind souls who donated their blood only make up 1% of Singapore's total population.
But the number of people who needed blood is out of your imagination.
Blood, is not just what you see.
On average, one packet of blood can save 3 lives.
For instance, a leukemia patient need 10 packets of
blood every 5 days as only the platelets are required.
In addition, blood are grouped into 4 main types, this contributed to a lesser amount of suitable blood.

People were saying…
“You don't get paid for donating blood
but hospitals are charging patients who need blood, how unfair!”
How you
people actually felt?
Agree? Or the opposite?
If you disagree with it,
Thanks for your understanding.
Anyway, I don’t know who’s agreeing with this
But the fact is that, the money patients paid were not for the
Blood needs to undergo proper processes before transfusing into
These needs money.
If the blood wasn’t tested, would you dare to use it?
All these needs money!

Hope that in the future, instead
of seeing “only 1% of Singaporeans are blood donors”, “Number of blood donors has increased to 2% of Singapore's total population” could be seen.

might feel antsy seeing the needle penetrates into your skin, but if you look away from it, everything's going to be fine.
Even a 16 year-old girl could
bring a smile along, just how painful could it be?

If you are 18 and
above with a healthy body and acceptable weight, please, donate that one-tenth of your total blood.
If you are either 16 or 17, plead consent from your

For more information, click here and here.
And that’s the English version.

Well, you see, only 1% of Singaporeans are blood donors. Where is another 99%? Is it you, or you? People say: “Singaporeans very busy people, no time to donate, donate also no money take!” Busy, excuses right? Some times the company you working for will ask HSA to come to the company and let your donate blood, but did you sign up? They even come to your doorstep already and yet you don’t want to donate! Money? I know Singaporeans is money face, but you go and donate blood got free things to eat. Maybe can save you one meal.

No matter what, donating of blood, don’t just think of saving one meal money; and don’t think that you will waste your time there. After you had donated your blood, you will feel proud of it because you have save 3 lives from your blood. The satisfaction you get, is hardly explain through words. You never know, one day, you met an accident, went through operation, or your loves ones need the blood.

Look at the patients out there who need blood daily, they are suffering, they are in pain. Day and night, they might worry “Do I have tomorrow again? Can I see the sunshine again tomorrow?” Maybe you have seen those things on TV, but you don’t go through it. The worries, the suffering they going through, only them themselves know how hard it is.

Please, donate your blood now. I believe Singaporeans is a group of kind hearted people who will help no matter what. Spread the Singaporeans kindness, let’s make the 1% Singaporeans are blood donator to not only 2% but make it 3%, 4%, 5% or even more! Make the world know that Singaporeans is good people!

Bilingual Fingers//双语手指
Red Blood Cells Says:
“Donate your blood now, they will save other people lives.”
(Cockroach isn’t good at expressing using words and languages, but I try and do my part. My aim in year 2006 is: On my 16th Birthday, 25th May 2006, I will donate my blood.)

Cannot see Chinese Words!!!

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, December 17, 2005 11:05 PM

Got quite a number E-Mailed me after the last post saying that they can’t see the Chinese words due to their computer did not have Chinese software, or even they have Chinese software, the browser (Internet Explore) did not shows Chinese words. In this post, it will teach how to install Chinese Software from Microsoft and troubleshooting of weird character shown in the browser.

Note: All pictures are clickable for larger view.

Installing Chinese Software:
Step By Step with pictures explanation, pictures says a thousands words! (Actually is because Cockroach doesn’t know how to explain…)

First, go to start -> Control Panel. In the Control Panel, Choose “Date, Time, Languages, and Regional Options”.
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

In the “Date, Time, Languages, and Regional Options” page, click “Add other languages”.
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Check the option as shown below:
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

There will be an alert after you had checked the option as shown above. Read carefully, you need to have 230 MB or more of available disk space. Click OK if you are ready to install.
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Then click apply.
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

After you have done with everything, it should ask you to restart your computer. Click OK to restart your computer so that the new setting will take effect. Please come back and continue reading after you have finish restarting
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Now, you have finish restarting. Now, go to start -> Control Panel. In the Control Panel, Choose “Date, Time, Languages, and Regional Options”.
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

In the “Date, Time, Languages, and Regional Options” page, click “Add other languages”.
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Click “Details” as shown below:
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

You will get a “Text Services and Input Languages” window. Click “ADD” at the right hand side as shown below:
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Look for “Chinese (PRC)” as shown below. Then click OK.
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Get ready to use your Chinese IME by Microsoft by clicking “Apply”!
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Tada! Your languages option can be found in your taskbar or around your desktop. It should look something like this:
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

Now, I got Chinese Software but my browser didn’t show up Chinese words. What to do?!?!

Please note that for maximum viewing pleasure in Bilingual Finger; please encode your browser language to Unicode (UTF-8). For internet Explore, Go to View -> Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8). Your browser should automatically switch to Unicode (UTF-8) if you had selected “Auto-Select”.
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

For Firefox user, go to View -> Character Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8).
Bilingual Fingers//双语手指

That’s it! Hope you can see the Chinese post now if you are a Chinese! For non-Chinese reader, some post will get translated soon.


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