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posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, May 12, 2007 4:27 PM

It has been a long time since my last update of this blog.

And don’t worry. This is not a goodbye entry.

As time goes, things changed - The people, the environment, and the surrounding changes as time goes by.

Recently, I had been busy over competition, studies and exams. Time doesn’t wait for people. It’s May now, and December 2006 countdown party seems to happen as if it is just yesterday.

Recently, had been too busy and didn’t manage to rest well. Sleep less than 3 hours a day, sometimes didn’t have to chance to have my meals, health finally gives me a warning signal.

Last Sunday, my body could not take it any more and I fall into serious ill and Monday have some exams papers. It’s my mid-year period and only gods knows how important it is to me. Finally, a person like me who doesn’t like to see doctor have to drag himself to the doctor and guess what? I am seriously ill and unfit to do the exams.

I did the mid year after all. My last paper will be next Monday. I know I didn’t do well. Image my horror when I vomited blood, image my head felt as if it is floating in the air.

Took some time to rest recently; Aim of resting is not to be lazy, but to walk a further distant of life. During this period of time, I had thought about a lot of thing. Words just cannot describe the feeling deep inside my heart. Only I know what does the world means to me.

Perfectionist, aim to get everything perfect, even thought people told it is impossible. He told others, “Nothing is impossible, the impossible just take a longer time to be possible.” No one understands him, nor does no one understand what he really wants. Being too quite and everything keep to him, he surfer a lot, a lot.

A blog, set up by him wanted for him to air his views, but due to his thinking, he keeps hiding away.

I had enough! My life has to go on.

I am trying to change myself, let’s accept the fact that I did not forget the purpose of stating writing a blog and name this blog Bilingual fingers. To be a bilingual person and let’s others know better about me.

Just wait for a moment while I clear up some stuff leave undone. I will back in action soon.

Thanks for still continue visiting this blog. Will keep the blog updated. :D
Meantime, if you know anyone who knows how to do PHP programming and web design. I need these people to help me with stuff. Feel free to drop a note at the tagboard and will get back to you soon :D.


A guy who lives in a small island call “Singapore” where through his everyday life, he found that life isn’t perfect.

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