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As Cockroach got his TA1 Result...

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, March 25, 2006 1:14 AM

Cockroach, together with cockroach’s mom had just checked my Term Assignment result online. My result is totally ridiculous.

Mom: Ai yo, ah boy, your result got improved and you did very well this time. Mama so proud of you… (Yes, she really said that)
Cockroach: I can do better than this!
Mom: Ai ya, can pass can liao lah. Why stress yourself? Latter all your white hair and pimple all come out.

Sometimes, other classmates and friends wish to have a parent like mine, who don’t give them stress and happy with all kind of result unless you bring them back an egg back home. But for me, I wish to have parent who will give me stress in my studies, will force me to do my homework and also, will not be happy with my result unless I get top in level. A parent who will send me to tuition from day to night with no resting unless I can prove that I can get 100/100 for all my exams, a parent who will take away my laptop and ban me from surfing blog until I get top in level. But sad to say, my parent is not what I wanted.

I still need improvement in order for me to climb to the top. I don’t want to fall; I don’t want to be a failure. I want to prove to others who said I cannot make it that I CAN DO IT! I need to do something to my English, Chinese and also do more practice on my accounts.

After talking for so long, I still haven’t told you’re my result. Click here or below to view the result.


posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, March 11, 2006 12:30 AM

那天和李老师走过食堂时看到校长在吃饭。蟑螂可是第一次看到校长吃饭;还以为校长不吃学校的“下等”(low class)食物,所以就兴奋得说。。。

healthy person。妈的,她要healthy healthy到够,为什么要ban 掉我最喜欢的French Fries?(以前学校有卖French Fries,现在被校长禁止卖油腻食物)她可以Healthy 那老师的学生要从早忙到晚,像一头牛一样。有时忙到只有夜宵可以吃。

蟑螂想了又想,如果校长听到蟑螂问候她的妈妈,那蟑螂不是死定了?Note:我骂“妈的”also consider as “他妈的”。)如果她一气之下把蟑螂踢出学校,那蟑螂下半辈子不是只能吃杯杯面?谢天谢地,校长至今还没找蟑螂麻烦。

还有还有,蟑螂那天还够白痴的。校长不吃饭,难道校长吃狗屎meh?唉哟,蟑螂啊,蟑螂~~~ 你的脑到地跑去了哪里?



壁虎 华文顾问

不要忘蟑螂本身!- 勇敢地把这件事打出来!

Children Stress

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Sunday, March 05, 2006 2:51 AM

“Ai yo…you see, my ah boy got talent in drawing. Must send him to go for art class”
Her mother said that when his son, age 6 draw a carton character but doesn’t look like one to me.

“Wah…I just now heard my ah girl singing quite nice leh…you know which music school is good? I want to send her for music classes.”
His father said, as he heard her girl singing nursery rhymes in class.

Parents often thought their children have talent on certain things when the children actually don’t. Kids actually have some skills on certain things like singing, dancing, drawing is actually taught by teachers in the per-school classes. Parents often mistaken those skills as talent and send them to enrichment classes and force to learn stuff they don’t want to.

Mother: Ah boy, I send you to learn piano want or not?
Ah boy: Don’t want!
Mother: Want lah…your classmate zhu zhu got learnt leh. Go and learnt also lah.
Ah boy: Don’t want!
Mother: (getting angry) I tell you har…you better go and learnt and don’t make me lose face I tell you. You want to eat Chao Kuay Tiao (cane) is it?
Ah boy: I go…I go…

Because of competition and/or kiasu Singapore parent, parents see others kid go to what lesson; they also send their kids to learn those things regardless the kids have the interest or not. Children don’t have the choice, children have been use to be a tool where parents can show off with. Poor Singapore kids…

But again, sometimes it is because of influencing. You know teenage influent their friend to smoke right? Our Singapore Parents also influent each other too:

Mama 007: Ai yo…I just send my ah boy to learn the don’t know what Drama thing, you want your ah girl to go or not?
Mama 1800: Don’t want lah, Ah girl primary 3 got a lot of spelling and homework, I don’t want to give them stress. That time got send her to the Drama thing then she not interested also, don’t force her.
Mama 007: Ai yo, like that where got force her? Last time we want also don’t have, now we should give our children what we don’t have. Nowadays children don’t know how to treasure what they have and they don’t show interest in it. Until they grow up then they know what we gave them when they are young. You want or not, I sure your ah girl will know you do all those things for her own good when she grow up.
Mama 1800: Okay, give me to number, latter I call and sign up.

As Singapore’s economic is growing from time to time, the way parents treat their children is different as Singapore can afford better things for the children compared with parents in 1965. Parents tend to give what they don’t used to have to their children nowadays which led to more stress to the children.
Sometimes, kids attend enrichment classes basic on their interest, but however somehow the parents can give stress in it:

Papa: Ah boy, why you learn piano for so long still in grade 3? You want learn piano, I let you learn but must faster get piano diploma and let papa and mama see mah.
Ah boy: But learn piano not just practical, also got theory.
Papa: Nonsense! You better practice your piano everyday and get your piano diploma and make us feel proud of it. If not, you don’t go and learnt piano anymore!

Ah boy: But...I really like to play piano

Dear parents, let your children do what they want basic on their interest and don’t make their interest a source of stress for them.


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