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posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, September 23, 2006 12:30 AM

I have not been writing much this year due to my busy in my life.

Cockroach physically live in the world call earth but physiology live in the world called internet. In fact, I have more friends in the internet compared with the real world. And when there is a sudden change in the internet social life, I became helpless.

Today, I got to know that one of them suddenly quitted school and joined National Service. Today, Lizard acted quite weird just now in Instance Messenger. I do not know why, I sudden felt the world I used to belong started to be away from me. “What happened?” I asked myself. Is it because I am over acting like a person who talks a lot of rubbish or because I am already a person who I am not used to be?

I wish, I wish to return back to the older times where by I am a normal person, surfing website as my leisure, playing Neopets like a kid, a normal blogger who blog about his daily life and joke. A person in real life looks harmless and innocent.

Nowadays, I am busy with and my studies. SGEduLab currently undergoes changes and I am currently competing with others in my studies. I want to get promoted, get scholarship, to prove to others I can do it. I do not have much time with my friends in the internet. Is it because of lack of communication?

I really wish to go back to the world I used to belong, where I knew friends who taught and help me a lot in my life.


A guy who lives in a small island call “Singapore” where through his everyday life, he found that life isn’t perfect.

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