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posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, December 24, 2005 1:46 AM

Congratulations to Geckoz (Lizard, 壁虎) got kena tomorrow-ed! Time flies, didn’t realize that I had visiting your blog for so long. Now even chat with you in MSN, and introduce you Now you kena tomorrow-ed, going to famous in one day, and maybe one day will bring Chinese blog fever. Image…

[translated from Chinese]
Chinese teacher: “Class, to improve your Chinese standard and now blog is so famous, I want all of you to go to Lizard’s blog.
*write on whiteboard:*

Class: Huh? Lizard cans blog one har? I thought Lizard is an animal…

Chinese teacher: Just go to that blog and find out yourself. I am sure your like that blog very much, it include a translator, just in case your don’t have Chinese basic.

Class: oh…

After the school bell rang, the whole class rush home, no going out with friends until they find out what the hack Lizard blog is. Why Lizard can blog….

In a girl home…
Girl 1: Ahhhh!!!!
*Quickly close lizard’s blog because there is one big Lizard each at both sides…*

In other girl home…
Girl 2: Wah…that Lizard so handsome, don’t know pretty girl like me take lift with him, he will talk to me or not. Will he ask which floor I am going or not…Wah…so handsome, want his number now.
*from that on, that girl Chinese improve, because everyday read Lizard’s Blog. Because Lizard is handsome mah…want to get number must read blog first*

In a boy home…
Boy: Wah…that Lizard still knows how to talk about pretty girls sia…don’t know got tips to give me or not…I want to date the girl next class leh.

*from that on, that boy improve his Chinese because of reading Lizard’s blog. Why read Lizard’s blog? Because want to get tips of getting pretty girls on hand.*

So if people in Singapore read Lizard’s blog, there will be 3 results. One is quickly close that window because scare of Lizard, or maybe even faint. Or maybe read his blog and improve the Chinese, know this handsome guy, or want to get to know how to get pretty girls. Ha! Ha!

Hope Lizard doesn’t sue me because of this blog post…

Lift Idea generated from his Chinese tag-board & this post



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