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End of 2006

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Sunday, December 31, 2006 4:19 PM

Hi all!

In a few hours time will be the end of 2006.

2006 isn’t a easy year for me. Stressing over studies and website,

Not easy, but I made it. Remember people were telling me I won’t able to make it in ‘N’ level because of my English, yet I proved to them I can do it. Remember people were telling me SGEduLab won’t works, but it still working alright.

But, personally, I still feel that I am not doing well this year. I failed to do something – interact with other people. I had been staying at home taking care of kids for years. People around my age most properly will go out for shopping and etc after school, but I didn’t. I didn’t enjoy my teenage life at all. All I do is stay at home looking after kids. During holiday, I went to work, and found that because I had stayed at home for too long, I didn’t know how to interact with other people. I don’t know how to talk to other people. I don’t know how, how to make friends with other people. I had stuck in the online social network and totally unable to handle offline connection.

This is my weakness, my biggest weakness and road block in my life. My aim – to clear this blockage to make more friends offline and explore the wonders of life. I hope, I am able to make it in 2007.

Wish everyone have a good year ahead!




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