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Cockroach Update

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Sunday, November 19, 2006 2:34 PM

I have not been writing blogs entries recently. Mainly because busy with SGEduLab’s stuff and my work. But internet never left my life, I still online most of the time.

Waiting for my GCE ‘N’ level result is a killer! I wonder how badly I did for it. Will I fail my English? Gods knows. Well, whatever had been done are done. No point worrying now. If fail, maybe go take as private candidate for O levels?

Guess what I am working as during my long holidays? Nope, I did not want to rot myself at home doing nothing nor wasting my time at shopping malls shop for new technology gadgets. Cockroach now working in travel industry as…eh…. Sorry, I am not sure my job title. Ha! Ha! I do quite a lot of things and learn quite a lot of things too! I had been kept inside house for years for taking care of kids, now working in the society, I find that I got a lot of things to catch up, learn, see, do and experience it.

Some people who I know also have been asking about my pay. Well, my answer “I don’t know anything about pay. I start working without knowing my pay.” Sound stupid, but true. Till now I still don’t know about my pay’s details. One thoughts: “What happen if I got cheated and do free labour?” Well, one thing I can say is “If got cheated, take it as lesson. The experience I got, cannot buy using money.”

(But still, I am still afraid I will get cheated >.<)

Had a short chat with Peggy, and she was telling me to be careful while working in travel industry. Didn’t know that she worked in Travel Industry before. Surprise, Surprise…

Well, got to work on the SGEduLab Template. Keep your guys updated soon! :D


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