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Are Singaporeans too busy?

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, July 29, 2006 3:23 AM

Till now, I haven’t seen much like SGEduLab which help the community in Singapore. Are Singaporeans too busy thinking of ways to make more money and had forgotten that everyone have to play a part in the community regardless of race, language or religion(okay, I got this from Singapore pledge)? Or they, like what those ang moh say, Singaporeans are selfish and only think for themselves.

As Singapore keep improving and making more money (For the next progress package in the next election), many people tend to forgot that we have to help one another. Since when the last time you lend your egg to your neighbor, since when the last time help someone to get something for him or her, since when your last time help the community by doing community service? Student often do community service for their CIP, when they are out of their school, they had forgotten about the purpose and too busy with their work and studies. We cannot wait until one day when there is war, any people got killed because of our selfishness and then after the war we have “Help one another campaign”.

Many people work for money, they often not willing to work or contribute for free. This is what I learn from after setting up My idea of creating SGEduLab is that to allow students to contribute their notes they have and to share with other students who taking GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ level. But somehow, it don’t really work. Instead, 9 out of 10 email I got is demanding for more notes, the another 1 person is the only person out of 10 people contribute the notes they have. When asking the another 9 people to contribute also, here is their reply:

Sorry, I got no time.

I believe, living in a community is like playing a community game. Everyone must play a part so that everyone can make the game keep going. If no one or many people won’t want to play a part, the game will end very soon, which everyone will be the loser of the game.

Cockroach here would like to say something, people must help one another before something can success. Take SGEduLab for example, if no one contribute, there is no notes for us, the student, to download. Everyone will just demand for new notes to upload and new subject to open. In the end, everyone loss out in this community game because we don’t get what we wanted.

Cockroach hope to see more people stand out and help the community and not stay at home watch TV or stay in the office thinking of ways to get promoted and get more money. Spend one day and contribute to the community and I believe you can feel the feeling of being a helping hand.

Cockroach is the founder of, a website which allows student to send in notes and share with the others. Currently SGEduLab are lack of helpers and contributors. Cockroach is not angry about lacking of helpers and contributors but hoping that Singaporeans can play a part in the community so that Singapore can be a better place to be in!


At 8/04/2006 08:59:00 AM

Well, this remind me of Wikipedia, there are many people visiting Wikipedia but only a fraction of the visitors are editing the articles. And Wikipedia made it so easy to edit their articles too!

I guess people are all like that. Singaporeans may not want to submit their note due to low confidence. Also, people would submit more if the website is more organized and has a top contributers list. I haven't really seen much of your website as it requires a sign in and I'm pretty against registration forms, hahaa...

I think it would be great if you can open up some modules for public use too. And, do encourage tutors to put their notes, it'd be nice if they can contribute. And if you are able to do it the Wikipedia style, perhaps notes would be more organized too. Unfortunately, the Wiki style may evolve it into an encyclopedia or a textbook as times goes by.

Just my opinion. :) 

Posted by Mr. Dew

At 8/08/2006 05:03:00 PM

Mr. Dew,

Thanks for the comment. Before SGEduLab started, we did wanted to use wiki to run SGEduLab. However, we did like to have it to save it into Microsoft word, PowerPoint slides so that teachers can use it easily.

Having it a need to sign up an account is to help us to keep track user’s log and their forum post.

I do like your top contributor list. I will ask about it and see will it working.
Oh yea, by the way, SGEduLab will come out another version named SGEduLab BETA Phrase 2 coming in December. Do give us your comment on it when it release. :D

Posted by cockroach

At 12/31/2006 05:32:00 PM

It's quite normal to have only 10% or 20% in the online community as active contributors, while the rest are content to just take or lurk around. You see that kind of behaviour in mailing lists (Singapore or otherwise). It's a human trait. Anyway, I don't know how much SGEdulabs costs to run, but if it's not too expensive and you can afford the time and have an interest, then continue to do what you are passionate about. Rome wasn't built in a day. Besides, if after you've tried all within your means and it still doesn't meet your desired objectives, then it's just a learning point rather than a failure.  

Posted by Ivan Chew



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