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I want to go to other schools!!!

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, February 25, 2006 12:44 PM

Cockroach these days was dragged by XXX to accompany her to visit some schools. Not very fun, but as I see more school have better things than my school, Cockroach get jealousy.

ABC Secondary School in North-East side of Singapore:
More than 80% of their teachers have their own personal website! And they will use their website to give homework over the weekends and etc. For example, a teacher:
Every Friday post a History Essay Question online and student are to answer as a draft with the answer template provided over the weekends, the teacher can comment back of the essay answer using the template as well. Cool right? Maybe your don’t get it, if you look at how they make it a success, I think you will said “WOW!” with me together.

DEF Secondary School in ZZZ area:
Their canteen is 2 times bigger than mine!!!! Not only that, their canteen sells fries, ice cream, soft drinks and etc. Cockroach current school sold fries and soft drinks before but it was banned by the school.

GGG Secondary School:
Their Hall has air-con installed. Student will no longer complain the hall is hot and stuffy. Sad to say that will not happen in Cockroach school.

BYD Secondary School:
The school prints notes for their student and make it into booklet for free!!! FRRE!!! They even give Cockroach one copy of it. Will this ever happen to my school? No, no, no. our teachers don’t even have enough paper to use, why still print notes and even make into a booklet? According to QQQ teacher from my school, our principal gives teachers limited use of paper.

YYY Secondary School:
They start school 45 minutes latter than mine and ends school 45 minutes earlier than mine! Wah… seem like Cockroach’s school have longer school hours. Because they start their school late, they don’t have the problem of late coming also.

I visited more school and found lots of things, above is just some of the things I wish to have. Of course I visited school that have studio in it and student can compose song and record them in their school’s studio. If I am not wrong, that school also selected one of their young student song composers and makes it into new school songs of theirs.

I wish I was them, I hope they will treasure what the school did for them because Cockroach doesn’t have the chance to experience it or maybe, Cockroach never sanctified what my school had done for me.



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