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posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Friday, December 02, 2005 3:35 AM

“I don’t have the time to bring my kids to library.”
“Where got time, need to do housework.”
“I have to work all day in the office, and rest during weekends. How can I bring my kids to the library?”

Blah, Blah, Blah, it is the 101 excuses given by parents when they are asked to bring their child to the library to read and borrow books.

“E….. Library not nice, I rather stay at home and play games.”
“I got a lot of things to do, no time to go library” (their “things” is playing games)
“Singapore library all the book is the same, nothing new, not nice.”

That is the 101 excuses given by kids when they are told to go to the library to read book.

As we can see, 2 parties don’t want to go library. Is library that scary? Why they find so many excuses not to go to library?

Before I talk crap, let your listen a song sang by a cute purple dinosaur, Barney, and his friends:

Play Song!
If the song doesn’t load, please try again an hour or so because bandwidth exceed. Sorry for bad quality of the song. I recorded it from VCD.

Is the song nice? I hope you like it. If you listen to the song carefully, you might hear of “You will be proud when you took a book home from the library.”

Cockroach here thinks that we must cultivate the habit of reading in our kids. I think reading is the most basic things that can improve our languages and of course, using books to explore the world! Eh… Not even the world, Space even.

Parents should start bring their kids to the library since they are young to cultivate their habit of reading. Don’t say you don’t have any time; is your child important or money important? You don’t want one day your child point at you and said “It’s your fault for not cultivate the habit of reading since young!” If you really can’t bring the kids to the library, make arrangement with your kids tutor to bring them to library. Some tutors are very willing to do that!

I am a bookcockroach (bookworm, but my nick is cockroach so it is bookcockroach) love library so much! Library makes me learn a lot of things. The books from the library make me know what is life, make me know what happen at the other side of the world, and make me know, how fortunate I am.

Cockroach is an emotional guy, he can even cry in his room while read books borrowed from the library. (Thank goodness that the library didn’t sue me because the book is wet.) Books can let our imagination runs wild; the library is heaven of book. That’s why cockroach love library so much, library is like my 4th home.

Last time when cockroach is still a kid, he doesn’t get the chance to go to library even though he wants to. Cherish what you have now; the books in the library can let you learn lots of things.

Remember, “You will be proud when you took a book home from the library.” But of course, you will going to read the book you borrowed.


At 12/02/2005 10:51:00 PM

Hi. I notices you have quite a number of grammer mistakes for your English posts lehz....the phrasing for some sentances quite weird also.

humm.. If u really want to improve your language through blogging, I suggest you can type out your entry in "microsoft words" 1st. There is a function in "words" to check for grammer and spelling mistakes.

Do read more to pick up new vocabulary. Try reading the papers everyday.  

Posted by wai foong

At 12/02/2005 11:37:00 PM

wai foong, em...all post is typed in Microsoft words first before posting. It had been always like that for the pass 2 year, but my English blog post still contain grammar mistake and etc, makebe my english is too bad for Microsoft word to correct.

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂

At 12/03/2005 01:55:00 PM

Getting exposed to more "standard english" through all sort of channels will give you a better idea of the English form of expression.

My English results in Sec school was bad. I took courses in English Council to improve it.


Posted by wai foong

At 12/03/2005 03:55:00 PM

wai foong, Where you took the couse of English Council ? good or not? Need to pay how much? 

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂

At 12/03/2005 06:04:00 PM

u can check out their website for the content of the secondary courses and its prices.

The british Council Headquarters is at Napier Road, it has 2 branches at tampinese and woodlands(marsiling) also.

I only took the crash course for English O level preparation which lasted for 2 months. But in the class there are some students who took their secondary courses. It seemed to me they have quite a good foundation for grammar.

There are also other places offering English lessons for secondary students. You can do some before making a decision. 

Posted by wai foong

At 12/03/2005 09:59:00 PM

hehehe...I live in Tampines! Do you mind giving the website to me? It sound good to me, I need to check out more information. 

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂

At 12/04/2005 04:21:00 PM 

Posted by wai foong

At 12/05/2005 04:26:00 AM

Thanks wai foong! 

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂



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