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posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Saturday, November 12, 2005 4:54 PM

There are two stations in North-east line that had not open yet. Few months ago, people put white cardboard elephant at Buongkok station to “beg” the MRT Company to open the station. I know its old news already. And yesterday, it is announce that Buongkok station will open next year. Yea, is it with this help of cardboard elephant? By the way, it is not my topic of today. I don’t care even bother about that station, but bother about the other station that is not open yet. I wonder why, wonder why…

I asked around why other station, Woodleight is not open and yet nobody went to complain, nobody went and put white cardboard elephant there. It makes me curious, very curious. But no one willing to gives me the answer. Most of them will say:

“You don’t know? It is better than you don’t know than you know.”
I can’t stand it anymore! Really, no one wants to tell me why that station is not open until today. There got treasure? So government needs to go there and dig out all treasure? Eh… I don’t think so, so I look more information in the Internet, and I found out…

(scroll down...)

Yeah, there is a lot of “treasure” there. In fact, the Singapore government really moving the treasure to other place and the place is call cemetery, and the treasure is the dead people.

So now I know why, why nobody complains about Woodleight station is not open yet. Because people living there cannot complain and they don’t need to take MRT! Imaging one day, there is white cardboard elephant at Woodleight station, the MRT suddenly stop at Woodleight station and the door open even though the station is not open yet…


At 11/13/2005 05:19:00 AM

sia la!!!!
really the place burry dead bodies wan ar? ex-cemetery ar? where is Woodleight? i nv hear b4 this place in S'pore leh!!

y s'pore so small budden i nv hear or go to any place like buangkok and scarry places like woodlieght wan?

y gahmen noe tt place got dead bodies still wan to go there build mrt station? sia lar~~~

got the info url not? i wan go read read see see leh~


Posted by 壁虎

At 11/13/2005 07:33:00 PM MSN I show you the information I got it from. It is a malaysia forum. 

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂

At 11/14/2005 12:27:00 AM

how come malaysian noe, i s'porean dunno???

Posted by 壁虎

At 11/18/2005 10:13:00 AM

hahaha. you in Singapore also don't know. 

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂



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