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posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Wednesday, November 09, 2005 1:40 AM

此博客帖子(Blog post)会在英文文章后被翻译。

I love Singapore, I really love Singapore, please stop saying I don’t sound like a Singaporeans!!!!! I am getting more fear of people saying that I don’t sound and speak like a Singaporean, really, I am so fear of that until I am afraid of speaking to other people.

This begins with Chinese, and happens during June school holiday last year when I am having a conversation with a teacher in school, an old and already retired this year Chinese teacher came to me and ask “You are not from Singapore, you from Taiwan? Because you don’t speak local and sound like from Taiwan.” Tell you, I got shock of my life, I don’t know head and tail and suddenly a teacher came to me and said I don’t sound local. I politely answer “No” to her and she start to ask another question “Then your parent one of them is Taiwanese?” I reply “No” to her again. She had a weird at me and wonders why I speak with Taiwan voice in Chinese.

Worst things for me are that this year, the first half of the year that teacher takes my class Chinese. Me, the poor guy sitting right in front of the teacher desk, she asked same question again “why you don’t sound like local?” Seriously, one day I really want to give up Chinese, move to the back of the class and join the rest of the class to have Chinese party, a party that don’t listen to Chinese lesson but play during Chinese lesson. Because I feel the stress, how come I am Singaporean but people said I don’t sound like one? But luckily I don’t do that, if not I will regretted it.

It is not the end that is just Chinese part only; I haven’t talk about English, English??!! Yup, got someone told me that my English don’t sound local too. It happens near End of Year exam period when I revise my work in the School library. So one day, after revising I went to the Library lady and start chatting with her. (Eh…That lady I guess she already marry, so don’t anyhow think.) After chatting a while, she suddenly said: “Hey! You are not from Singapore is it? You are oversea student?” Ha! Ha! Ha... I wonder is she insulting me that my English didn’t speak as good as other Singaporeans or praising me that my English have no Singlish (Singapore style English).

I really don’t know why, why people say that I don’t sound local. I AM LOCAL!!!! Please, both my parents born in Singapore, I born in Singapore. And I don’t really know the different between my speaking and other local speaking. I just don’t hear the different, really. I am so stress now, because people said I am not from Singapore, the country I love the most…Even if I don’t speak local, what the problem that caused me don’t speak local? How to speak local if I don’t speak local? Eh…very confusing right?

I hope I really hope that people who read this post, and heard me talking before, tell me, are I don’t speak like local? And also, please when Bilingual Finger English/Chinese Podcast release, please tell me the truth that I speak local or not. Thank you.



我爱新加坡, 我真的很爱新加坡, 请不要跟我说我讲起话来不像来自新加坡!!! 我现在真的很怕人家说我讲起话来不像来自新加坡。而那种恐惧使到我害怕与人谈话。

这从华文开始, 是在去年6月假期期间发生的。那时我有一次与老师在学校交谈时, 有一位满老并且已在今年经退休的华文老师走向我问“你不是新加坡人, 你是从台湾来的? 因为你讲起话来不像来自新加坡,听起来是来自台湾。” 让我告诉你, 我听了吓了一大跳, 我不知道头和尾而老师突然走来讲起话来不像本地人。我很礼貌地回答“不是。”可是她开始问其它问题“那你的父母他们的当中一个是台湾人?” 我再回复她“不是”。她有一种古怪的眼神看着在我,可能在想为什么我讲华文时是台湾音。

最坏的事在今年发生。上半年, 那位老师当了我们的中文老师。可怜的我刚好坐在老师书桌前, 她再问同样问题“为什么您不听起来不像本地人?” 有一天我真的好想要放弃不华文,而搬走到后面去座。在后面参加班上的华文Party。那华文Party是在华文可不听老师讲课的Party。哈!哈!我感觉很有压力。 我在想,为怎么我是新加坡人但人们说我讲起话来不像来自新加坡? 但我幸运没有参加班上的华文Party, 如果有的话我一定会后悔。

我还没讲完呢, 我还没有说说英语的部分, 英语??!! 对咯, 有人告诉我, 说我的英文听起来不像本地人。这是发生在今年终考试间。当我在学校的图书馆里温习功课。有那么一天, 当我在学校的图书馆里温习完功课后更图书馆人员开始聊天。(嗯... 我猜测图书馆人员已经结婚。)。在聊天一会儿以后, 她突然说: “嘿! 你不是新加坡人吗? 你是外国学生?” 哈!哈!哈!我想知道是她欺辱我, 说我的英文没有讲得象其它新加坡人那么好或称赞我的我的英文没有新语(Singlish)。

我真的不知道为什么, 为什么人们说我讲起话来不像来自新加坡。我是本地人!!!! 拜托啦,我的父母都在新加坡生的, 我也是在新加坡生的。而我真的听不出我的音更其他新加坡人没什么两样。我现在感觉很大的压力, 因为人们说我不是从新加坡,我爱新加坡!!!既使如果我讲起话来不像来自新加坡, 什么引述导致我讲起话来不像来自新加坡? 要怎么做才会讲起话来像是来自新加坡? 嗯。。。很乱吧?

我希望, 读到这个博客帖子(Blog post), 和听见我讲话, 告诉我, 我真的讲起话来不像来自新加坡吗? 对了, 请当双语手指英文/中文Podcast 发行后, 告诉我真的讲起话来像不像来自新加坡。谢谢。


At 11/09/2005 02:49:00 AM

next time we, bloggers, go sing k, i see u sing-a-gaporean or sing-a-taiwanese.


Posted by 壁虎

At 11/09/2005 12:32:00 PM

hahaha...I never sing k before... 

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂

At 11/09/2005 06:25:00 PM

then the next blogger 聚会 u going not? go sing k leh. 

Posted by 壁虎

At 11/10/2005 12:57:00 AM

hahaha...must see first...your also haven't decide on the date...:) 

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂

At 11/10/2005 11:06:00 AM


Posted by Maria aka Twinsmom

At 11/10/2005 11:53:00 AM

Maria aka Twinsmom,哈哈哈。我怕police来捉我。。。I scare Singapore have other werid law, "people are not allow to stick anything one their head..."哈哈哈哈 

Posted by cockroach//蟑螂



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