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CISCO Car Park

posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Wednesday, November 02, 2005 2:35 PM

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This post contains Bad quality photos.

Yesterday while I was on my way back home by bus, a guy sitting behind me said “I wonder why this few days I saw so many CISCO people…” I was laughing to myself, thinking “He doesn’t know that this boy sitting in front of him also somehow related to CISCO.

Bilingual Finger: CISCO

And this post, I will fully talk about CISCO car park. Wah… This stupid cockroach what thing not happy? Even car park also wants to talk about it. But seriously I bet that everyone have not seen so many CISCO van in one car park right?

Bilingual Finger: CISCO van

Oh, by the way. CISCO is that group of people you always see outside the ATM machine where they help you put lots of money inside the machine. Without them, when ATM machine running out of money, you got no money to take from machine! So must give them a bow and said a big “Thank You”!

Bilingual Finger: CISCO
Thank You!

So yeah, in the CISCO car park, it is in basement 1. And when you enter the car park, you will say “Wah! So many CISCO and police vans…” (Seriously this is my first reaction when I first step into CISCO.)

Bilingual Fingers: CISCO van & Police Van

And you will also see them “know law still do unlawful thing”, anyhow park the van.

Bilingual Fingers: CISCO anyhow park.
CISCO anyhow park

But cannot really blame them on that, the car park is small yet some of them who working in CISCO park their cars that (and there is nothing wrong with that.)

Bilingual Finger: Non-CISCO car parked
See the bottom-left hand conner

What the most interesting I saw inside CISCO Cark Park is there is a sign located at the end of the cark park says: “Speeding No.1 killer”. I was thinking, why they put this sign inside CISCO car park? What happen if someone stole the money and the officer have to chase after right? What happen if the robber speeds? Does that means that the CISCO staff cannot speed and have to drive slowly and let the robber speed off???

Bilingual Fingers: Speeding NO.1 Killer
Speeding NO.1 Killer

I know this won’t happen, Singapore police network so wide. Some one stole money, press computer and all police will be all direction to catch the robber. But, but what happen if really in emergency? I think that sign of “Speeding No. 1 killer.” Doesn’t really need to be there, it is really useless. Ones more, they all are trained, why need to put a sign there??? I think it should be placed in all HDB car parks, not CISCO car park. Ha! Ha!

Ok, Ok. I got to stop writing and get back to my reading. Just to remind your that don’t ever think you can stole money from the CISCO car park. They had taken out all money boxes out before it got parked. So never ever think of going there and rob the van. Once more, there already got a lot of police. You do that, police arrive not in 5 minutes but in 1 minute, see how you run.

Hope CISCO doesn’t sue me because of this blog post…



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