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posted by cockroach//蟑螂 at Sunday, November 06, 2005 5:42 PM

有人投诉说本站的中文的博客帖子(Blogger post/ blog post)不多,一来到本站就是英文。根本不像什么双语手指。好啦,好啦。知道是我的错,是我不好,原谅我好吗?因为这几天我都很忙,还有我刚刚才变成一只蟑螂,当一个“双语手指”博客(Blogger)有时还是有点不习惯。有时还会在电脑前抓头, 想今天要有什么语文来blog才好。哈哈哈!!!

对了,不只是中文读者投诉哦。还有英文读者投诉说本站的“Tag!” (七嘴八舌) 都是中文的TAG,害到他们不敢tag。还有说我的英文很烂,不资格写英文blog。可是,要写英文blog要英文很好吗?糟糕,我中英文不好,那我不是不可以当博客了?救命啊!我死都要当博客!!!

1.英文博客帖子(Blogger post/ blog post)会占60%,中文占40%。其中,将会有40% 会翻译成两种语言。(蟑螂自行翻译的。)


-----English Translated-----
Someone complain the site.

Someone complain the site saying that the site Chinese blog post is not many. Once come to the site, it is English everywhere. Not act like a Bilingual Finger. Ok, I know is my fault, I am in the wrong, forgive me please? Because this few days I am very busy and I just become a Cockroach, become a Bilingual Blogger, sometimes I still not use to it. Sometimes I will stare in front of the computer thinking which langue to blog on that day itself. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh yea, it is not Chinese reader complaining. Even English reader complaining saying that the “Tag!” got too much Chinese taggers; they are so scare until they (the English taggers) don’t dare to tag. And also, they said I am having bad English, not fit to become an English Blogger. But want to be an English Bloggers need to have good English? Die, both my English and Chinese not good, so I can’t me Bloggers?!?! Help!!! I die also want to be Blogger!!!

About problem, I had thought about it:
1. English blog post will stand 60%, Chinese blog post stand 40%. In which, 40% of the blog post will translated to both English and Chinese. (Cockroach translates by itself.)
2. Improve my English, read more English storybooks.
3. Learn from Lizard, having English and Chinese tag board. So, my blog will go to have two different worlds!

Honestly saying, want to take care of both groups of readers isn’t easy at all.


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Interesting... Don't read story book... read novel! Hahaha...

Well, I'm supporting you all the way...XP 

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